(13 February 2012) Cape Town-based Grand Parade Investments Limited (GPI) today announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer. Alan Keet, currently the CEO of Nolands Chartered Accountants in Cape Town, will join GPI in mid-April.

“GPI is on the cusp of something great and to be offered the opportunity to be a part of moulding its future is extremely special,” said Keet, adding that “in life opportunities often come at a specific time, for a specific reason. The position at GPI was the right opportunity at the right time.”

While at Nolands, Keet was exposed to a variety of industries, from property funds to insurance underwriting and service industries. In addition to being CEO, he was also responsible for managing a large team of staff, experience that will stand him in good stead. GPI has increased its staff compliment significantly following the acquisition of the company’s Limited Payout Slot Machine (LPM) operations in mid-2010. GPI’s expansion plans for LPM operations and other gaming opportunities are likely to see further future increases in staff numbers.

GPI Executive Chairman Hassen Adams feels confident that his character, strong management and relationship building skills, accompanied by his financial acumen, are the essential ingredients needed to move the company forward and to implement and new business strategies. “We spent considerable time looking for someone who would bring something new to GPI. Our company has grown phenomenally, as a result of a lot of hard work, from very humble beginnings, but we have now reached a stage where we need a team leader to direct and drive the passion that has brought us to this point.”

Keet acknowledges that company culture and ethos are what kept him at Nolands for 23 years. “The key to any successful business is to surround yourself with successful people. It sounds clichéd but it is a simple fact of good business practise.”

According to Adams, “going forward, Alan is here to lead our team and to ensure that they deliver to our shareholders and stakeholders. He has been given the opportunity to make his mark and has committed to doing just that. I am also confident that he has the ability to do so. His dealings with varied clients and his key role in structuring numerous investment deals will also stand him in good stead.”

While Executive Chairman Hassen Adams has the strategic insight, it is opportune to note that GPIs existing executive team, and investment advisors Leaf Capital, will continue to support both him and Keet. This, coupled with Keet’s strong focus and experience with staff, and his understanding of the key role they play in making visions and strategies a reality, are a solid bet as the company looks to expand its operations.

For more information please contact: Duncan Pollock at Grand Parade Investments on 021-421 7771