Our investment philosophy is to invest in listed and unlisted companies where we can add value to through the provision of capital, active management, notable empowerment credentials, management expertise and intergroup synergies. GPI’s investment policy seeks to achieve above-average returns for its shareholders.

GPI has a track record as an entrepreneurial investor that takes a longer-term view on value growth. We have invested in a number of start-up or early stage companies, and participated in the establishment and growth of those companies. It is in our DNA to be operationally involved in the asset, grow and understand the asset, and then exit at the appropriate instance, where we would look to hold a strategic minority stake, such as GPI Slots.

We will continue to build on this philosophy and continue to invest in companies that have the following characteristics:

  • Market-leading brand;
  • Strong management team with a demonstrable track record;
  • Clearly defined growth strategy;
  • Robust corporate governance practices and
  • Strong investment partners that are aligned with GPI’s strategic objectives.

GPI’s investment policy seeks to achieve above-average returns for its shareholders. GPI’s Board must thus be satisfied as to each investment’s ability to generate sustainable earnings, which will ultimately translate into sustainable dividends, while maintaining its BEE credentials.

  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect

At GPI we remain true to our entrepreneurial spirit: we work together to harness passion, commitment and innovation that translates into our work. We put people at the centre of our business.

Our ethical standards go beyond what is required. Everything we do is centered on leaving a legacy for tomorrow’s generation; a legacy that enables the transfer of wealth, opportunity, health and education, to guarantee a sustainable planet for generations to come.

Ensure shareholder returns

  • Provide consistent return to shareholders
  • Clear policies and practices
  • Effective communication