Our investments and operations

SunWest International

GPI’s effective stake: 25.1%

SunWest owns 100% of the GrandWest and Table Bay operations and has a 24.75% stake in the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). GPI holds just under 50% of the voting rights in SunWest and has a direct economic stake of 25.1%. GPI is well represented on the board of SunWest and has the right to appoint six directors to the board, with Sun International having the right to appoint five directors.


GPI's effective stake: 25.1%

GrandWest’s opening in December 2000 heralded an exciting new chapter in the Western Cape’s entertainment scene, being the first (and then) only casino in the Western Cape. Situated in Goodwood, Cape Town, it offers round-the clock entertainment for the whole family with all the thrill and excitement of Las Vegas-scale gambling, set within the top tourist destination of the Cape.

Boasting state-of-the-art facilities, GrandWest has 68 casino tables in operation, offering American Roulette, Blackjack, Raise’em Poker and Punto Banco with in excess of 2 500 smart card slot machines.
It also offers a host of entertainment facilities for both adults and children including a gamut of restaurants, bars and fast food outlets, cinemas, an intimate theatre and designer retail shops, while children can enjoy ice-skating and supervised parties, movies, rides, races and arcade games.

Visitors have a choice of the 4-star Grand Hotel, modelled on Cape Town of the past, or the more affordable City Lodge, with its 120 rooms. GrandWest also offers full conference and banqueting facilities and has played host to a variety of events, exhibitions and gala dinners.

Additional construction in 2006 and 2007 at a cost of approximately R450 million almost doubled the size of the casino to accommodate a non-smoking casino, an additional 1 000 parking bays, a parking garage and a new covered walkway. A multi-purpose arena with seating for more than 5 000 people was opened in October 2007 and has been exceptionally well received by the Cape Town community.

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GPI and BURGER KING® Worldwide have formed BURGER KING® South Africa (Pty) Ltd ("BKSA") which will hold the long-term Master Franchise agreement for BURGER KING® in South Africa and will have exclusive rights to develop and expand the BURGER KING® brand in the country's quick service restaurant ("QSR") market. The first BURGER KING® restaurant opened in Cape Town during the first half of 2013 and will be followed by a national roll-out of restaurants that will enable the BURGER KING® business to become a major presence and employer in South Africa. The aggressive growth plans are expected to contribute significantly to the South African economy and create a significant number of jobs for South Africans over the next five years and beyond.

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GPI's effective stake: 6.2%

Through GPI’s effective stake of 25.1% in SunWest, which in turn owns 24.75% of the CTICC, GPI’s effective stake in the CTICC amounts to 6.2%.

The Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) situated on the Foreshore was a city-based initiative and formed part of the original bidding process by SunWest in tendering for the operating casino licence in 1999. SunWest has a 24.75% interest in Convenco while the balance of 75.25% is held by the Western Cape Provincial Government and the City of Cape Town.

The CTICC was officially opened on 28 June 2003 and is regarded by many as a symbol of transformation in South Africa as it is a product inspired, built and owned by South Africans. Convenco, the holding company of CTICC, was specifically tasked with ensuring this as part of the terms and conditions attaching to the licence.

It is a world-class convention centre that, since its completion in 2003, has seen hundreds of thousands of visitors across all walks of life attending consumer exhibitions, conferences and trade shows. The CTICC is internationally regarded as being at the forefront of its game, having been meticulously designed with regard for the end-user and utilising the most modern amenities and technology throughout the building. The CTICC’s commitment to professionalism is complemented by the destination’s service standards and sophisticated infrastructure.

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The Table Bay Hotel

GPI's effective stake: 25.1%

The Table Bay is 100% owned by SunWest, and accordingly, GPI’s effective stake amounts to 25.1%

This luxury 5-star hotel situated at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town boasts one of the best views in the world. It straddles the antique breakwater and is a contemporary architectural treasure. It boasts 329 rooms, three restaurants, a pool, gymnasium, health spa, conference facilities, chauffeur service and underground parking.

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Golden Valley

GPI's effective stake: 25.1%

GPI directly owns 25.1% of Golden Valley.

Worcester Casino (Pty) Ltd owns the Golden Valley Casino which opened in November 2006 and is situated on the N1 Highway in Worcester, reflecting the typical Cape Dutch architecture found in that area.

The casino, the fifth and the final casino to be opened in the Western Cape, has 198 slot machines and 6 tables in operation featuring the newest video slots and video poker machines in denominations of 10 cents to R10,00. It has a conference centre which features state-of-the-art technology, with the complex including an extensive buffet restaurant, an action bar and children’s entertainment facilities. Construction of the 98-room Golden Valley Hotel, a 4-star hotel adjacent to the casino and conference centre, was completed in April 2008 at a cost of approximately R65 million.

Golden Valley has traded in line with expectations since its opening and remains a prime gambling asset in both Sun Internatonal's and GPI’s portfolios.

GPI exerts significant board influence over this investment through its board appointments.

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GPI’s effective stake: 100%

GPI previously owned an effective stake of 25.1% in Grandslots, the trading brand of Grand Gaming Western Cape, through its 100% held subsidiary, GPI Slots (Pty) Ltd. With the completion of the acquisition of our LPM interest, Grandslots became a 100% owned subsidiary of GPI Slots on 30 June 2010.

With two licensed operators in the Western Cape, Grandslots consistently enjoys market share leadership in terms of both active LPMs and revenue.

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GPI's effective stake: 100%

Kingdomslots is the trading brand of Grand Gaming KwaZulu-Natal.

With the completion of the acquisition of our LPM interest, Kingdomslots become a wholly owned GPI operation through our subsidiary GPI Slots.

With four licensed operators in KwaZulu-Natal, Kingdomslots consistently enjoys significant market share leadership in terms of both active LPMs and revenue.

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Grand Gaming Slots

GPI's effective stake: 69.4%

Grand Gaming Slots is the trading brand of Grand Gaming Gauteng and Grand Gaming Mpumalanga. Our Gauteng subsidiary has been operational since the end of April 2011, subsequent to the acquisition of Playmeter Leisure Services (Pty) Ltd's LPM licence and existing Gauteng operations. More recently, our Mpumalanga subsidiary commenced operations in August 2013, subsequent to the acquisition of Zimele Slots (Pty) Ltd's Route Operator licence and existing Mpumalanga operations.

We are positive that through the employment of our LPM 'blue print' both our Gauteng and Mpumalanga operations will, over the medium term, also achieve more than their fair market share as is currently the case with our Western Cape and KZN operations.

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Hot Slots

GPI's effective stake: 100%

Hot Slots is the trading brand of GPIs second Gauteng Slots Route Operation.

Hot Slots commenced trading in 2009, subsequent to being issued with a Route Operator license in Gauteng in December 2008. GPI acquired Hot Slots, through its wholly owned subsidiary GPI Slots, in a deal signed in August 2013 and affected in December of the same year.

As is the case with our initial Gauteng operation, Grand Gaming: Slots and our recently acquired Mpumalanga operations (August 2013), we are positive that through the employment of our LPM 'blue print' Hot Slots will, over the medium term, also achieve more than its fair market share as is currently the case with our Western Cape and KZN operations.

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Grand Play

GPI's effective stake: 100%

Grand Play is the trading name of GPIs sports betting subsidiary Grand Sport (Pty) Ltd.

The company commenced trading in mid-2014 and although presently a relatively small sector of the South African gaming market (12% according to the PwC Global Gaming Outlook Paper of November 2012) we believe that sports betting (including horse racing) will form an integral part of our gaming offering in the future.

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Grand Tellumat Manufacturing

GPI's effective stake: 51%

Grand Parade Investments and Tellumat (Pty) Ltd formed Grand Tellumat Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd in 2014. The company comprises the former contract electronics manufacturing division of Tellumat (Pty) Ltd and offers ‘full turnkey’ to ‘labour only’ electronic manufacturing service solutions. As a proudly South African and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer based in Retreat, Grand Tellumat Manufacturing has provided development, assembly and manufacturing solutions for the likes of Sony, Eskom, Boeing and the CSIR. It is also the base for GPIs local gaming machine manufacturing operations.

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Mac Brothers

GPI's effective stake: 100%

MAC BROTHERS CATERING EQUIPMENT (PROPRIETARY) LIMITED (“MAC BROTHERS”) was established in 2002 and is today, one of the largest catering equipment manufacturers in South Africa and one of the leading suppliers of catering equipment and related services to the food service industry in Africa.

Mac Brothers manufactures and supplies its own extensive range of stainless steel catering and refrigeration equipment and has well established agency agreements in place to import, supply and service some of the top international brands of food service equipment. In some cases, certain international brands are manufactured under licence in the Mac Brothers factory taking advantage of an abundance of local stainless steel and well trained local artisans and engineers.

Mac Brothers has a well established and varied client base. The fabrication factory and head office is located in Cape Town, with branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Harare.

Mac Brothers also has an extensive dealer network throughout Africa including Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, Congo, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Angola, Seychelles and Mauritius.

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Atlas Gaming Holdings

Grand Parade Investments has acquired a 4.95% stake in Australian gaming company, Atlas Gaming Holdings for R5.6 million, with the intention to subscribe for a further 5.05% in 12 months’ time.

Atlas Gaming develops gambling machines for the Australian domestic market and the proposed transaction is aimed at opening the African market via GPI.

Two revenue streams will be created. The first being the ability to sell new gaming machines into the South African and African markets and the second is that GPI will obtain the contract to manufacture all the gambling machines for the African market in our country.

As shareholders in Atlas, GPI will attain the rights to manufacture and sell any gambling machines developed by Atlas Gaming in South Africa. The manufacturing contract will be awarded to Grand Tellumat Manufacturing (Pty) LTD.

Excellent Meat Burger Plant (Proprietary) Limited ("EMBP")

EMBP was established in 2013 and first began producing meat patties in 2014 exclusively to the Burger King market in South Africa; currently supplying 110 tons to 47 BURGER KING® stores monthly. This equates to just over 15% of the plant’s capacity of 700 tons.

EMBP is an established and professional business that has proved its operational capabilities. EMBP plays a crucial role in the supply chain of BURGER KING® South Africa (“BKSA), assisting with the localisation of its content, as well as providing valuable control over the food margins.

Control of EMBP would provide a stronger strategic position for GPI at a holding company level, as it would supply BKSA with its meat supply throughout its roll out and could expand its supply with the utilisation of the GPI network.